KidZania Singapore
1.1KidZania Singapore is solely operated by Rakan Riang Pte Ltd (“RRPL”), the authorized licensee of KidZania, SAPI de CV and a joint venture company between Themed Attractions and Resorts Sdn Bhd and Boustead Curve Sdn Bhd of Malaysia.
1.2By entering KidZania Singapore, guests consent to these terms and conditions (which also incorporate the privacy notice available at as updated from time to time without prior notice (“these T&C”). Adults bringing minors to KidZania Singapore represent having agreed to these T&C applying to such minors and having the authority to so agree, and hereby indemnify RRPL against any claim by the minor or his/her parent or legal guardian arising from such representations being false.
1.3These T&C shall be construed in accordance with, and governed under, the laws of Singapore.
1.4Guests shall abide by the reasonable directions issued by RRPL personnel, announcements broadcast and notices posted, in KidZania Singapore as well as other terms and conditions, policies and rules as RRPL may issue from time to time regarding KidZania Singapore.
1.5Adults bringing minors to KidZania Singapore represent having the authority to do and hereby indemnify RRPL against any claim by the minor or his/her parent or legal guardian arising from such representation being false.
1.6Guests with specific medical, diet or in-park mobility requirements are welcome to contact KidZania Singapore’s Duty Manager before visiting to make arrangements.
2.1Each boarding pass is for one-time admission of one person to KidZania Singapore (no free re-entry except for emergencies subject to RRPL’s assessment). Admission is subject to operating hours (which may change from time to time without prior notice) and capacity limitation.
2.2The boarding pass is non-refundable, non-transferrable, and not for resale, non-replaceable if lost or stolen, and will not be valid if it is altered or damaged.
2.3Kids aged 17 and below entering KidZania Singapore must be accompanied by an Adult (aged 18 and above) during the check-in process at the check-in counter.
2.4Adults entering KidZania Singapore must be accompanied by at least one toddler (aged 2 -3) or kid (aged 4 -17).
2.5Kids aged 8 and above are allowed to explore KidZania Singapore on their own after being checked in by an Adult.
2.6Kids below the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult at all times when inside the city. For proper care and attention while at KidZania Singapore, it is recommended that each adult supervises no more than 5 kids.
2.7Guests must be dressed appropriately having regard to the nature of KidZania Singapore as a kids’ edutainment facility.
2.8RRPL may require proof of identification upon check-in and pick-up (for drop-off) at KidZania Singapore.
3.1Role-play activities are only available for kids aged 4-17 years old subject to further age restrictions and height restrictions for selected role-play establishments. Guests may refer to the census board placed outside each role-play establishment for more information.
3.2For their safety, kids should be in covered shoes and pants or shorts if they would like to attempt the activities at the Climbing Building, Mountaineering School and Stadium. Crocs, Sandals and any footwear without an outer covering that covers the entire foot (including the toecap and heel) will not be considered as covered shoes.
3.3Adults must not queue in place of their kids. Queue-jumpers will not be entertained.
3.4Adults are not allowed inside the role-play establishments unless escorted by RRPL’s authorised representative.
4.Prohibited Activities
While at KidZania Singapore, guests must not:
(a)Offer or display any goods or services for sale.
(b)Distribute any printed or recorded material.
(c)Use any flag, banner or sign for a commercial purpose.
(d)Play any music or sound, except via personal earphones.
(e)Cause public discomfort or incite a crowd, including by conducting demonstrations; giving speeches; preaching any political, religious or other cause; or using any flag, banner or sign for any cause not prior authorised in writing by RRPL.
(f)Engage in any unsafe act or impede the operation of KidZania Singapore.
(g)Take commercial photographs or videos except with RRPL’s prior written consent. Guests who wish to use photographs and videos taken in KidZania Singapore for commercial purposes may request consent from RRPL at, at least 7 working days in advance.
(h)Smoke (including using cigars, electronic cigarettes or vaporisers).
(i)Bring in food from outside unless medically prescribed.
5.Do Not Bring
The following may not be brought into KidZania Singapore:
(a)Pets, except for service animals used by the hearing and visually impaired, for which proof of registration must be produced at check-in.
(b)Outside food and beverage, except for bottled water, medicine and baby food or milk formula.
(c)Glass containers.
(d)Illegal, hazardous or combustible items.
(e)Transport devices with wheels including without limitation skateboards, scooters, in-line skates or shoes with built-in wheels.
(f)Remote-controlled devices and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).
(g)Tripods and selfie sticks.
(h)Suitcases, coolers or backpacks, with or without wheels, larger than 55 x 35 x 25cm.
(i)Folding chairs.
(j)Weapons or items that appear to be used as weapons.
(k)Face coverings, except for religious or medical purpose, or masks.
(l)Items (including clothing) with language or imagery offensive to the general culture of Singapore having regard to the nature of KidZania Singapore as a kids’ edutainment facility.
6.Safety, Security and Comfort
6.1Upon admission, each guest will be requested to put on a bracelet. For safety and security, this must be kept on at all times within KidZania Singapore and returned upon exit. Bracelets are the property of RRPL and non- transferrable. A kid is allowed to exit only with an adult whose bracelet matches that of the kid who accompanied him/her.
6.2RRPL may conduct security checks on guests’ belongings brought into KidZania Singapore.
6.3RRPL may, without refund or compensation, refuse admission to, or remove from KidZania Singapore, any guest who contravenes these T&C or who poses a risk to the safety or enjoyment of others.
7.1RRPL reserves the right to change any aspect of KidZania Singapore operations, including role-play activities and programs, and the right to close parts of the City to facilitate maintenance, renovation or private events. Events held at KidZania Singapore are subject to postponement or cancellation; if such events are organised by RRPL, RRPL will try its best to notify guests who have made prior registration for such events. All guests are advised to refer to or for the latest on our operation hours and event schedule.
7.2While KidZania Singapore is child-friendly, RRPL shall not be liable for any death, injury, damage or loss howsoever caused at KidZania Singapore.
7.3Guests are advised to keep their belongings in the lockers which may be rented at KidZania Singapore’s Airport. RRPL will not be responsible for any lost, misplaced or stolen belongings at KidZania Singapore.
8.Ticket Purchase Rules
8.1Once confirmed, a ticket purchased on (“Ticket”) may not be cancelled, exchanged for cash or refunded. Tickets are confirmed when full payment is received and when an official invoice and boarding pass is sent to guests.
8.2Tickets on are available for purchases by up to 10 people per transaction. For purchases of 11 people or more, kindly make a subsequent transaction for the additional purchase. Subsequent transaction will be treated as fresh transaction.
8.3Unless authorised by RRPL, tickets must not be resold or offered for resale at a premium (including via online auction websites) or used for advertising, promoting or other commercial purposes (including competitions or trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods and services, either by the original Ticket purchaser or any subsequent bearer. If a Ticket is sold in breach of this condition, the Ticket may be cancelled without a refund and the bearer of the Ticket may be refused admission.
8.4The official invoice and boarding pass shall be the valid pass to enter KidZania Singapore and for online purchase of Ticket, the invoice and boarding pass should be printed out and presented at the online ticketing counter prior to the session in order for guests to gain admission.
8.5All prices are subject to change at any time and from time to time.
For queries on these T&C, guests are welcome to contact KidZania Singapore’s Guest Services Department (, located near the exit at the Immigrations Office.